Education Committee

Chair: John Ardes - TPA,
Chris Avila - ONT, Jason Gomes - SNA,
Jason Sonnabaum - SAN, Mike Vogan - BNA,
Mark Waddle - PHX
Email: Education Committee

The TWU 555 Education Committee is dedicated to empowering a unified membership, utilizing the resources of TWU 555 to educate, enrich, and explore the rights and privileges of each member, so we may become a unified force of solidarity building on the past, and laying the groundwork for future brothers and sisters who follow in our footsteps.


Contract Fast Facts Lap #1

Collective Bargaining Map (Railway Labor Act)

Timeline of 2008-2009 Negotiations, TWU 555 & SWA

Major Dispute (Amendable Contract) Resolution Process

A Walk Through the Negotiations Process (as defined by the Railway Labor Act)

Contract Corner

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