Marie Ekberg

Membership Admin

This year I will start my 25th year working at TWU Local 555. I started out part time and progressively worked my way into full time as my son started school. I now work about 35 hours a week. I’m married to Kelvin, who works at SWA headquarters and our son has just moved out to start his own life. Yay and boo hoo all at the same time. Good thing I have my little dog to care for.

I once counted my responsibilities and come up with 27 of them. Basically I do the financial part of our business such as dues deduction, financial reports, and new-member statistics. I also do most of the mail outs and things like that.
Well, I can go on but the point is both Michelle and I pretty much run the office like a well oiled machine, mostly because we both have been here very long and we work very well together. I think the guys are lucky to have us. But of course that goes both ways :-)

Michelle Hornback

Office Admin


Hello! I have worked for TWU Local 555 for over 17 years. As Office Administrator, my most important job is the handling and processing of almost all grievance-related information and documentation, incoming or outgoing. My bulging filing cabinet and my boardroom calendar can attest to that!! I also assist our Membership Admin in keeping the membership database as current as possible. It doesn’t sound like a lot of responsibility in a few short sentences, but believe me - with the amount of paperwork that crosses my desk daily, we could rebuild the rainforests! My fellow office mates and I are cross-trained on almost all of each others’ duties, so there is a lot of passing back and forth of tasks, depending on who has more time, and we cover for each other when someone is out..
I am not familiar with, nor trained on, the contract, which is not an accident, since I am not allowed to answer any contract questions per the Executive Board’s decision. I can, however, most likely tell you what Article almost anything is located in. I also know all the city codes, since I see all of them every day. (I can say the alphabet backwards pretty rapidly, too, but that isn’t job related – just an interesting fact!)