Membership Memorial

January 2016

Robyn-Simmons Moye

PHL Ramp

October 2015  

Charles Harnish

MHT Ramp

September 2015  

Michael Scott

MCO Cargo

August 2015  

Rick Gallagher

LAS Cargo

July 2015  

Rob Rosenbluth

ISP Ramp

June 2015

Kevin Roberts


May 2015  

Michael Yates

MDW Ramp

April 2015  

Al Whitman

ONT Ramp

January 2015  

Marc Liberacki

PHX Ramp


Marianne Foster

PHX Ramp


TWU Local 555 Members' Family Memorial

May 2016

Alfred Dawson (Father) Passed

Anthony Hank - LAS Ops


Tabitha Brey (Wife) Passed

Ben Brey - BNA Ramp


Lawrence Robert Beuder (Father) Passed

Chris Beuder - RNO Ramp


Kaye Cook (Mother) Passed

Todd Cook - RDU Ramp


April 2016

Kelle Sossaman (Wife) Passed

Nelson Sossaman - PDX Ramp


Amadeo Tagle (Father) Passed

Jaime Ortiz - HOU Ramp


Cathy Dutschke (Mother) Passed

Kenneth Dutschke - SDF Ramp


Larry Lee Flutter (Father) Passed

Teresa Fleck - RNO Ramp


March 2016

Lillie Mae Dye (Mother) Passed

Gerald Dye - PHX Ramp


Arthur McCormack (Father) Passed

John McCormack - LAS Ramp


James William Blair (Father) Passed

Marie Evelyn Blair (Mother) Passed

Michael Blair - SDF Ramp


February 2016

Carmen Maria Elicier Clrino (Mother) Passed

Eddie Santiago - HRL Ramp


January 2016

Janice Davis-Ford (Sister) and

Marcus Davis (Nephew) Passed

Odessa House - HOU Ops


Lilybell Haynes (Mother) Passed

Bobby Haynes - SMF Ramp


Carolyn Eller (Mother) Passed

Melissa Gardenour - SMF Freight


Janice Williams (Wife) Passed

Richard Williams - SMF Ramp


Bill Odgers (Brother) Passed

Jim Odgers - TPA Ramp


Norman R. Mager (Grandfather) Passed

Karl Mager - TPA Ramp


December 2015

Mary Ensign (Mother) Passed

Bonne and Mark Ranney (Sister and Brother-in-Law) Passed

Andy Ensign - MCI Prov


Joyce Sattle (Mother) Passed

Susan Webster - DAL Freight


November 2015

Bernice Way (Grandmother) Passed

Jeremy Andrews - ATL Ramp


Eva May Castro (Mother-in-Law) Passed

Francois Cobbinah - ATL Ramp


Gregory Henson, Sr (Father) Passed

Gregory Henson, Jr - ATL Ramp


Deacon Keith Austin (Stepson) Passed

Robert Goodrum - ATL Ramp


Delbert F. Webb (Father) Passed

Greg Webb - SNA Ramp


Dennis "Denny" Grantham (Father) Passed

Matthew Grantham - MCI Ops


Gwendolyn (Sister) Passed

Paul Eadie - ATL Ramp


October 2015

Denvir Dukes (Son) Passed

Lashondra Dukes - ATL Ramp


Leonard Dawson (Father) Passed

Marcellus Dukes - ATL Ramp


Larry Flemons (Father) Passed

Carmen Flemons - ATL Ramp


Mother Passed

Cedric Pace - ALT Ramp


Sister Passed

Leon Richmond - ATL Ramp


Mother-In-Law Passed

Gaston Anderson - ATL Ramp


Father Passed

Carla Carman - ATL Ramp


Grandmother Passed

Derrick Sinkfield - ATL Ramp


Rosemarie Jackson-Hickman (Mother) Passed

Paul Jackson - AMA Ramp


Michael King Seckman, II (Brother) Passed

Jack Seckman - BNA Ramp


Brenda L. Body (Sister) Passed

Clifford Wallace - TPA Ramp


September 2015

Michael Wynn (Father) Passed

Kelly Wynn - TPA Ramp


Hubert Wayne Tolleson (Father and Brother) Passed

Wayne Tolleson (son) - BNA Ramp

Robert Tolleson (brother) - BHM Ops


Joseph H. Friesenhahn (Father) Passed

Daniel Friesenhahn - MDW Ramp


August 2015

Charlotte Bailey Leslie (Daughter) Passed

Michael Leslie - SAT Ramp


Hardy White, Sr (Father) Passed

Julian Cannon - BNA Ops


Len (Grandfather) Passed

Eric Aupperlee - BNA Ops


July 2015

Sherry Cottrell (Mother) Passed

Rick Cottrell - TPA Ramp


Bonnie Claire Ellis (Grandmother) Passed

Chandler Ellis - TPA Ramp


Connie Mae Dickerson (Grandmother) Passed

Natasha Dickerson - TPA Ramp


May 2015

Joseph "Roger" Roderick Michaud (Father) Passed

Lisa Onorato - BNA Ramp


Kay Taylor Sherk Jones (Mother) Passed

Keith Sherk - SNA Ramp


March 2015

Ryan Gene Calvo (Son) Passed

Gene Calvo - HOU Ramp


Terri Huckins (Wife) Passed

Kevin Huckins - MCO Ops


February 2015

Ogonna Mogbo (Brother) Passed

Ony Mogbo - ATL Ramp


Robert Devitt (Father) Passed

Kenneth Devitt - ATL Ramp


Rosetta Hoage (Grandmother) Passed

Kaseem Hoage - ATL Ramp


Debra Oyetade (Mother) Passed

Timothy Oyetade - ATL Ramp


Ora L. Beasley (Mother) Passed

Wanda Davis - SDF Ramp